Conditions & Policies

This terms and policies describe terms and conditions followed by GET PRO DESIGN in delivering the online services, payment and cancellation and refund. It also illustrates the privacy policy adopted by the company in collecting as well as using the personal information of service users. Hence, in these terms and policies, terms such as ‘company’ and ‘we’ refer to GET PRO DESIGN. Moreover, the terms like ‘You’ and ‘Client’ refers to the SERVICE USER.


GET PRO DESIGN offers an array of online services to companies of different size to grow their business. We offer logo, website, mobile application and promotional items. We also offer website, software and mobile application development service. Along with that, we also offer marketing and printing service. Our services are offered to entrepreneur, startups, small-medium, and large enterprises. You agree that we have the right to offer one or more than one service at a time. We also hold the right to refuse to offer you any of our services for any reason. You agree to get the service at the rate given on the website or quoted to you by one of our agents or representatives.


You agree to place the order online by visiting our website. You also agree to get a quote before ordering or buy package given on the website online. After placing the order, you can track the progress of the order through live chat or email. You agree that after placing the order if you make any change in your requirements, you will make additional payment based on the new specification. You agree that we have the right to cancel or modify the order without any notification. You agree to pay the initial amount of the order at the time of placing the order. You understand and agree that the payment you make for the order does not include 6% sales tax. You agree to make the payment through bank transfer, CashApp, and PayPal. 


GET PRO DESIGN has the right to cancel any order without prior notice. You can also request for cancelling the order within 12 hours of placing the order. You agree that no cancellation request will be entertained if made after 12 hours and order is processed. Any request for cancellation MUST be made via email. The cancelled order amount will be reimbursed in 3 to 4 business days. You can also claim for a refund via email. You agree to claim a refund within 7 days of receiving the order. The reason for the claim MUST be evidently and explicitly explained.


At GET PRO DESIGN, we gather your personal information and browser data to furnish you personalized service. We use COOKIE to gather your browser name, browser history, and IP address. We also gather your personal information including first and last name, email, and phone number. We use this information for contacting you and do not share it with the third party.